To ensure an appointment, ensuring our mutual safety is important to me! Screening is required for new friends for safety -mine and yours.


If you have met with providers in the past 6 months, please let them know in advance that you will be using them for a reference, state their names, websites, current ads and email addresses so I can verify your positive history with them.


If you are new to this, no worries! Please provide your employer/company, work email address, LinkedIn + photo of your business card

(no biz card? Photo ID will be required).


Please email a photo of business cards/IDs to as an attachment in original email or separate from your booking form. Thank you!

*Additional screening measures/a deposit may be requested if any piece of information is missing or difficult to provide.

Disclaimer: All personal information is viewed privately and discarded upon verification to ensure discretion. The screening process ensures that we are both safe and sound in our time together and is an industry standard.


Please fill out the form below, and feel free to send an email to with any questions or concerns you may have regarding booking and/or screening.

A deposit is required to lock down appointment times if you are new or don't have any references.

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Please begin by telling me about yourself.

What do you enjoy doing?

How would you like to spend our time together?

Please include this brief introduction along with references or your Linkedin/ID.

Please email me at

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